Printing from workstations is subject to a fee. The fee is paid at the cash deck at the Fabiania loan point. In the Fabiania building, copies are printed by the loan points' online printers (default).

Printing in the PC network

In almost all programs the print command can be found from the menu File | Print... The print command opens a selection window, where you should check that the print command is being directed to the correct printer.

  • All programs (particularly Internet Explorer) cannot always direct the printing command to the closest printer. For this reason you should always:
    - Print using the File | Print... menu (not the browser's icon).
    - Carefully read the message appearing on the screen after the print command.
    - Check the selected printer. If, when printing, you are asked about the name of the file and given options for saving i, the wrong printer has been selected.
  • All Internet pages cannot be printed directly; in certain cases texts must be transferred with the cut-and-paste method to a word processing program for printing.
  • In large print jobs, a few test pages should first be printed to verify the print quality.
  • Printing on both sides of the paper can reduce paper consumption; copying several pages on a single sheet can save copier card allocations.
  • The rules of use forbid printing by persons unaffiliated with the University (except for reasonable personal use, not however for gainful employment) as well as the printing of multiple copies.

Unless no printers have been installed in the machine (No printers installed), the most likely reason for a malfunction in the machine or the network is the machine's start-up operation. In that case the machine should be rebooted (select Restart, only logging out will be insufficient). If the reboot does not help, it is usually a question of a problem with the machine´s settings, whose clarification is the responsibility of the EDP support person.

Canceling a printing job

Canceling a printing job depends on the type of printer being used. The larger printers (such as Xerox printers) have their own memory units; the work must be deleted from the printer itself.

The smaller printers (such as HP printers) process one job at a time while other print jobs are stacked in a printing queue; these are deleted as follows:

  • First click Start -> Settings -> Printers.
  • Open the desired printing queue by double-clicking the name of the printer.
  • Activate your own job with a single mouse click.
  • Select Document > Cancel.

Information systems' rules of use