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Research and study services

The National Library is constantly developing its services for research and study.

Service description

Researcher facilities

Collection presentations for students

We offer both bookable collection presentations for students and research groups and researcher facilities. We aim to offer our unique collections to all and develop our services to meet the needs of the whole research community.

Researcher facilities

The National Library’s researcher facilities are available for long-term use on application. Applications are open once or twice each year. Link to the application form.

Please note that because of the pandemic only half of the carrels may be used simultaneously. Until further notice, you may only use your carrel every second week.

Enquiries concerning Slavonic Library research carrels should be addressed directly to the Slavonic library using the service address

The researcher facilities are free of charge.

Researcher facilities are open to all. The criteria for selection include:

  • The researcher’s need of the resources of the National Library (especially material restricted to reading room loans)
  • The researcher’s current working conditions
  • The weekly amount of time the researcher will use the carrel

There are two application rounds each year, taking place in November–December and May. Researcher carrels are granted for one (only in November–December round) or a half calendar year. However, in the Nov-Dec 2020 application round all carrels were exceptionally granted for a full calendar year. Storage units – shelves, cabinets and lockers – are granted for one year.

Collection presentations for students

The personnel of the library are happy to present the collections and research opportunities provided by them to student groups from higher education and other educational institutions.

The National Library of Finland offers excellent materials for thesis work. We also provide assistance in information retrieval and use of electronic materials.

The service is provided free of charge.

Book a visit of two hours, for example, for your pro seminar group by sending a message to

Include in the message information about the time when you wish to visit the National Library of Finland and what is your field of study. In addition, describe what is the focus of your seminar or course or what subject matters and materials you know your students are interested in. You can also include a list of the seminar work topics.

We aim to tailor the visit to meet the needs of the group. In addition. All our presentations include a review of the history and the collections of the National Library of Finland. We will present hand-written, printed and digital materials.

Our collection is focused on cultural and social studies. Our special areas of expertise include history, Russian and East European studies, philosophy, literary studies, art history and music studies. There is also a great deal of interesting materials related to the study of theology, law and visual culture.

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