The Slavonic Library

The Slavonic Library acquires literature, primarily related to the humanities and social science fields, published in Slavic languages. Most of the collection, whose scope is approximately 450,000 volumes, is in the Russian language.

During the period of 1828-1917 the Library had the right to obtain a copy of every publication printed in Russia for its collections. The Russian legal deposit collection contains books, newspapers, magazines, maps, flyers and pictures. The scope of the collection, which encompasses all subject areas, is approximately 110,000 volumes.

The Soviet era is represented by the Library's collection of literature - mainly in the humanities and social science fields - from the Soviet Union and Slavic language areas.
There is also a fairly comprehensive collection of Russian emigre literature published outside Russia and the Soviet Union.

The basis of the Polonica Collection, consisting of publications in the Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Serbian, Slovenian and Croatian languages, is the legal deposit copies obtained from the Kingdom of Poland when that country belonged to Russia.

Use of the collection

Books published after 1950 can be taken out of the Library as home loans; other materials can be used in the Library's reading rooms. Most of the collection has been recorded in the Helka database. The Library has an open collection. Publications in stacks can be ordered in advance through the Helka database or by e-mail.

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