The National Library of Finland has an almost complete collection of domestic newspapers as well as the country's most extensive collection of foreign newspapers. Information concerning domestic newspapers can be found in the Fennica database; foreign newspapers are catalogued in the Helka database. Most of the newspapers have been microfilmed; microfilms can be examined in the Library's reading rooms.

Domestic newspapers from the period 1771-1909 and their subject-related index 1771-1890 have been digitised and can be read online.

Digitised newspapers from 1910 onwards are accessible only at Finnish Legal Deposit Libraries, using dedicated workstations.

More detailed information about the Newspaper Collection can be obtained from the Microfilm database, the Reading Room´s card index and special catalogues.

Paper and digital copies can be made from microfilmed newspapers. Copyright legislation also applies to newspapers.

The most recent issues of newspapers are not immediately accessible in the Library, the exception being the newspapers in the Slavonic Library.

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