The Music Library

The Music Library's collections

Music literature and periodicals
Finnish music literature and magazines are obtained as legal deposit copies. The collection is almost complete. An extensive range of foreign music literature, scientific series, magazines and reference works is also acquired for the Music Library.

Sheet music publications
The sheet music collection consists primarily of Finnish sheet music publications. The scope of the collection is approximately 50,000 items. Additionally, the intent is to acquire a comprehensive collection of music by Finnish composers published in foreign countries. The Music Library does not purchase foreign composers' individual scores, but anthologies are procured.

Music manuscripts
The collection includes Finnish composers' and musicians' scores and individual documents. The manuscript collection spans a thousand-year period, but the emphasis is on the 1900s.

Collections of recordings
Most Finnish recordings have been collected in the Finnish National Sound Archive. Beginning in 1981, the National Library of Finland has obtained legal deposit copies of all music and voice recordings produced in Finland. Vintage recordings are acquired retroactively. The scope of the recording collections is approximately 150,000 items.

Music-oriented ephemera
The ephemera collection contains a considerable body of materials related to Finland's music culture from 1810 onwards: concert programmes, posters, annual reports, brochures, advertisements, guidebooks, publishers' catalogues and the indexes of music magazines.

Use of the collection
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Music manuscripts
Ephemera collection
Special collections - the Richard Faltin Collection

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