Digital repository services

The National Library provides a technical platform for the preservation, cataloguing and distribution of digital collections. The platform is currently based on the open source DSpace software.

Libraries have in their possession digital materials that need to be taken care of and made available to the public. These materials can be the result of publishing activities, e.g., dissertations, or originate from the digitisation of old collections.

Along with the library systems and the information retrieval portals, the digital repository system is one of the fundamental elements in the technical environment provided for libraries by the National Library.


Doria is a multi-institutional repository hosted by National Library. It embraces software, hardware, maintenance, support and development. In February 2012 it contained 54.000 records from eleven organizations, and in 2011 its documents were downloaded 2,6 million times.


In addition to Doria, the National Library also takes care of the technical maintenance of Theseus, which is an institutional repository platform for the Finnish universities of applied sciences. In February 2012 it contained 35.000 records from 25 organizations, and the number of document downloads in 2011 was 6,3 million.


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