The Curriculum Plan for Information Literacy 2004-2006

The central goal of the national Curriculum Plan for Information Literacy project was to integrate information literacy teaching into university studies. The Ministry of Education funded the project from funding allocated to virtual university activities in 2004-2006. The project charted the most significant areas of information literacy, prepared a curriculum plan, developed internet-based teaching and created a network between universities. The Council project was finished at the end of 2006, but the network activity continues as a part of the normal operations and the tools developed during the project can be utilised by the university libraries in the future.

Current webpages for Information Literacy

Webpages for Information Literacy

The Turku University Library is responsible for coordinating the IL network.

Klaara Question and Answer bank

The Klaara Question and Answer Bank is supported by the Finnish Virtual University. Tampere University of Technology is responsible for the technical implementation of the Question and Answer Bank in Moodle environment. University libraries can choose questions from the Question Bank to suit their own needs, and similarly deposit them for others to use. The content of the Question Bank is coordinated by the Tritonia Academic Library of Vaasa.

Webpages for Klaara

Central results of the project

In 2007, a publication on information literacy in higher education (Informaatiolukutaito yliopisto-opetuksessa), edited by Anne Nevgi, was published by the University Press. The publication includes a collection of articles by different authors and information on the project results.

The Council and the Finnish Research Library Association organised a seminar on achieving more efficient study results through enhancing information literacy (Tehoa opintoihin - informaatiolukutaidolla tuloksiin) on 28 November 2007. The seminar shed light on information literacy teaching and planning practicalities from both a domestic and an international point of view.

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