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Transfer of digital cultural heritage as co-operation

The statutory duty of the National Library of Finland is to preserve the priceless national, published cultural heritage materials permanently. We materials available for research and other use, as well as distribute materials online as extensively as possible.

We promote digitising and, through it, the visibility, equal availability and usability of our unique collections.­

The key selection criteria related to materials to be digitised are the perspectives of the comprehensiveness, preservation, demand and content of the materials.

Digital collections promote, in particular, new kind of research, teaching, public use of materials and creative operations.

We plan and develop digitisation and services together with our customers and partners. For example, we cooperate with scholarly communities, other libraries, archives, museums, publishers and copyright organisations.

Our goals

We aim at improving the usability of materials, opening them up for use and developing research tools and methods.

In our cooperation agreements, we aim to ensure as extensive public use of digital materials as possible.

We integrate our services with expedient national and international infrastructures and services.

Moreover, we take into account in our digitisation activities:

  • That digitised materials are reliable and authentic.
  • Permanent and sustainable availability, searchability and usability of digitised materials.
  • Preservation of original materials by offering replacement recordings.
  • New digitised information products created during the digitisation process enabling the utilisation of the content of the materials in new ways.

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